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Christian Motorcyclists Association (CMA)

'Riding for the Son'

Christian Motorcyclists Association
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CMA (Christian Motorcyclists Association): 'Changing the world, one heart at a time'
This community has been created for members of the Christian Motorcyclists Association(CMA) and those intrested in CMA, to come together in fellowship and to encourage one another. Please feel free to share happenings from rallies, stories while working on earning your colors and anything in between.

"Vision: Changing the world, one heart at a time."

The Christian Motorcyclists Association is an interantional ministry reaching out and sharing the gospel with others through riding. This non-profit organization has over eight-hundred members in the United States along with CMA Interantional representing other countries throughout the world. Since it's begining in the mid, 70's, CMA has been growing and has been blessed.

Members may attend state, regional and national rallies along with small group bibles studies within their area's chapters.

For more information please visit the offical CMA website!

*Please note that the moderator of this group is simply a CMA member and is not part of the offical staff. :-)